Friday, May 16, 2014

Extreme Hope Makeover: Meet Family #4 UPDATED

Early this week HopeMatch volunteers met to create a fun playroom space for Family #4. Volunteer were able to figure out how to repair a closet door, reorganize the toys, and decorate with a glittery border, butterfly stickers and some funky fun furniture to brighten up the room. Katie led this project with some help from passionate volunteer friends. Thanks so much to our volunteer crew for getting involved with us!
Tarah wrote us this heartfelt note: "I just wanted to thank everyone at hope match for
making my daughter's play room absolutely amazing! The generosity that your
program gives out is mind boggling! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


Meet Family #4
This family consists of a single mom and 4 year old daughter.  The mother works many hours as a nanny so she can provide for her daughter and also spend time with her.  She would like a small room made over into a playroom for her daughter.  She needs help sorting, organizing and decorating.  She is excited to donate some of her daughter's toys to HopeMatch's Swap Shop coming up in June.  Her daughter loves Frozen (who doesn't?) and anything girly and princess.  The room has a lot of potential and we can't wait to see what our volunteers come up with to transform the space! 

How would you decorate or organize this space? Please comment your ideas, or send us links pictures and pins!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Extreme Hope Makeover: Meet Family #3 UPDATED

FAMILY 3 HOPE Makeover UPDATE: 5/10/2014

HopeMatch volunteers were busy today updating this loft room with new bright, cheery, yellow paint!  Lee Godfrey headed up this project with other volunteers from Eastside Church in Charlotte.  We included some pictures below of the painting experience.  One thing we love is how much heart they put into a simple painting project.  We love the words of life that were written on the walls and their team spirit in being a part of HopeMatch, from our logo on the wall, to a home-made volunteer t-shirt!  We love the creativity!  

We will be following up to re-design the room once the paint dries.  Refresh yourself with the family's back story, and then see the painting project pictures below.  Thank you Eastside Church!

Meet Family #3
This family consists of a single mom and 2 boys, ages 8 and 13 years old.  She is working full time and the father left the family some time back.  She would love for the room to be painted a bright color and provide an area where her and her boys could relax and have family time.  She has provided the paint for us.  We provided the volunteers and a few re-design updates for the family.  We can't wait to create a functional, bright, and comfortable space for this family to relax and enjoy!